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    Creating a one Monster culture with a cloud intranet from Beezy

    Suzan Beers

    January 27, 2020

    Monster is a global market leader in employment services. Until recently, however, their intranet didn’t match the modern, future-facing brand they wanted to present. They needed an upgrade – to a modern digital workplace and cloud-based intranet that would encourage collaboration around the whole company. They needed Beezy.

    One Monster: one cloud intranet platform

    Monster is a global business with offices in North America, Europe and Asia that was seeking an upgrade because their old static SharePoint intranet failed to unify a global brand across multiple offices, regions, and time zones. What they needed was a modern, user-focused and cloud-based intranet and digital workplace solution.

    Monster is a company undergoing transformation, working hard to create a culture that can unify workers around the world under a common mission – which they call their ‘one Monster’ journey. The first step was a cloud migration to Office 365. But in order to let their users freely share ideas, collaborate, and exchange information through technology – the cloud alone wouldn’t cut it.

    They needed to bring their static old intranet to the next level. This included a few priorities:

    • It was important that they moved towards a modern and future-focused intranet platform. Their antiquated intranet experienced frustratingly low levels of adoption.
    • They wanted something that looked and felt more like the consumer technology their employees enthusiastically adopted outside the office.
    • Crucially, they wanted a platform that would reward adoption – encouraging users to log in and make the best use of the features available.

    Creating a social space in a cloud intranet

    Older intranet solutions like the one they were using are designed around a different mindset: that communications and information flow downwards from management to the rest of the company. Today’s digital workplaces and cloud intranet solutions understand the need for a more decentralized approach that encourages users to take initiative, collaborate, and share information. Creating this social platform was the crucial goal of their digital workplace upgrade.

    Starting a conversation

    In their old intranet, users lacked a range of abilities:

    • Create threaded conversations
    • Comment on stories
    • Create their own groups and communities.

    Without these features, users weren’t encouraged to share expertise, ask for advice, and help each other reach better outcomes. Creating this decentralized enterprise social platform was the main objective in pursuing their digital workplace upgrade.

    Monster wanted its enterprise social platform to look and feel natural. They required a platform that put social front and center as a fundamental part of the user experience, while maintaining the ability to publish top-down communications. This would allow strong local and department-led communities to evolve and join in the conversation.

    Building M-space with Beezy’s Cloud Intranet 

    After significant internal research, Monster chose Beezy to design, implement, and maintain their new cloud intranet. The solution allowed them to create a modern, collaborative workplace that still enabled top-down corporate communications.

    But there was more to the decision than that. They considered a few alternatives, including more established, well-known alternatives like Workplace by Facebook. But ultimately, what drew them to Beezy was the entrepreneurial nature of the product and the company that created it. As soon as they got in contact with Beezy, they realized they were buying into more than a software solution.

    monsters intranet

    Beezy – helping build a better Monster

    Beezy’s cloud intranet and digital workplace expertise enabled Monster to easily build and customize the intranet that was right for them. Monster has a culture of continuous improvement; they wanted a platform that could continue to grow and evolve in the future. With the more corporate intranet alternatives, this wasn’t an option.

    Beezy also offers another big advantage. They update their platform each quarter after consultation with clients. Monster even contributed one of these updates themselves, suggesting that their user experience could be improved with a rotating rather than static news carousel. Beezy agreed, included it in their upcoming update, and rolled it out for all their users and clients.

    It’s precisely this relationship that attracted Monster to Beezy. The result was M-space: a digital workplace designed to help Monster succeed.

    monster beezy cloud intranet

    A journey to the future for Monster

    Beezy worked hand in hand with Monster to make their digital workplace upgrade a success. This meant a quick and effective installation that could be configured almost instantly.

    “The nature of the product meant it was a quick install, just 2-3 hours and you’re already configuring it. We configured it live and didn’t need to build wireframes.”

    Sarah Hilyer – Internal Communications

    Their new cloud intranet platform has been a big success. Now the employees, much like Monster’s customers are encouraged to make the best of their own potential. Local teams like the German office have their own shared area where employees can communicate and collaborate freely in their own language, while being able to consume the overall Monster news, all from the same homepage.

    For Monster, it wasn’t just about updating their old intranet to something that looked a bit more modern. They wanted a platform that would encourage their users to share information, support, and inspire one another. With M-space and Beezy, this is exactly what they achieved.

    If you want to discover more about how Beezy can help you unlock the potential of your workforce, get in touch with the team.  

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