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    Beezy Becomes FSQS Certified to Promote Data Security

    Josh Carey

    October 11, 2020

    Beezy, an intelligent workplace software for Office 365, has become FSQS certified to ensure data protection for multinational financial companies.  

    Financial companies looking to employ Beezy’s enterprise intranet software solution can do so with a system transition that offers optimal risk management and data compliance. 

    Continuously looking to improve the value and client experience of an intelligent digital workplace, Beezy became certified to demonstrate its commitment to providing end-to-end data safety and industry-trusted credentials.

    fsqs registered

    What does it mean to be FSQS certified?

    The Financial Services Qualification System, or the FSQS, is made up of a collective group of financial institutions that includes banks, insurance companies and investment companies. Together, these companies create the safest standard for a third-party internal data portal to guarantee protection for clients within the financial industry. 

    With an FSQS certification, data security is offered to the highest degree, ensuring that compliance requirements for your business’ regulators, company policies and governance controls are met. 

    Beezy has gone through a 3-step process to meet the strict requirements for an FSQS certification. The process required documentation of all information related to its legal entity, financial status and product services. Supporting documentation was also offered to confirm submitted company information. 

    With the full company status collected, third-party validators approved Beezy for the certification through a strict risk assessment set by financial industry standards.


    How will your company benefit from this?

    Your company will be able to employ our software with total ease and confidence in the Beezy system, from transition all the way to full implementation. 

    In addition to data security, the benefits of partnering with Beezy as an FSQS certified company include:  

    • Accessible Regulatory Requirement Analysis – Receive real-time data on Beezy’s risk analyses. 
    • Centralized Data – Experience an intuitive, end-to-end system that acts as your only needed resource for viewing Beezy’s risk profile.
    • A Simpler Procurement Process – Streamline Beezy’s verification or renewal process as a supplier with proven verification and risk profile data. 
    • Third-Party Information Verification – All information checks for third-party providers are industry-trusted and standardized. 
    • A Network of Financial Establishments – Access a community and resource of industry-known financial establishments.

    So how do these benefits translate into improvements with Beezy’s software solution? 

    The employment and use of Beezy’s software solution is tailored to and strictly compliant with all your financial requirements. With increased transparency and real-time data access for your procurement teams, you can be quickly on your way to leveraging a secure digital workplace platform and all its accompanying features. 

    Beezy is cleverly and purposefully architected in a way that it lives totally native to SharePoint, inside the customer’s own SharePoint installation. What this means is that all content and data created inside of Beezy resides 100% in the customer’s infrastructure. Beezy as the vendor has no visibility, access or opportunity to process any of this content or data. 

    Additionally, procurement teams will be comforted to know that purchasing timeframes will be reduced, as Beezy will have already proactively completed the relevant paperwork and anti-corruption processes during the certification process.   


    Secure workplace data

    Managed by a network of financial experts and establishments, a centralized and highly validated data security program ensures that your partnership with Beezy is seamless, fast, and safe by rigorous financial industry standards. 

    With third party accurate risk analysis and data storage capacity by your side, secure workplace data and industry compliance is more achievable than ever. The advantage of Beezy’s FSQS certification is that you gain not only an advanced intranet but also an improved data risk management strategy upon its implementation.

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