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    2022 Workplace trends & insights report: Building a hybrid future that works for everyone.


    Implementing Collaboration Success

    successful collaboration

    How do you implement successful collaboration?


    • Common elements of a successful collaboration implementation
    • Insights into different collaboration priorities between management and survey respondents
    • Guidance on best practices to include within your own collaboration strategy

    As collaboration moves from nice-to-have to business-critical, the ability to successfully implement your own collaboration strategy becomes increasingly important. We may have an idea of what successful collaboration means within our own organization, but to ensure our success – we should also try to learn from the experiences of others.

    This whitepaper presents the final findings from our community survey and includes observations from our expert panel. The purpose of this initiative was to capture feedback from the community and develop best practices around a shared definition of what makes collaboration successful, and to understand the metrics being used to monitor and measure that success.

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