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We put social at work


Enterprise Social Network

Beezy provides efficient tools to share, collaborate and communicate promoting transparency, knowledge capture and bottom-up innovation.

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Town Halls

Q&A sessions for the Top Management to openly answer employee’s questions in a very efficient way. Everyone is talking about corporate transparency, make it happen!

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Talent Finder

Tired of updating an Org Chart that no one visits? Give your employees an addictive visual way to find the right colleague based on their knowledge, skills or reputation.

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Knowledge Centers

Traditional Knowledge Management is broken… With Knowledge Centers you can capture information in a structured (but still fun!) way.

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Check out our brand new Windows 8 app in action! Watch more videos


  • Microsoft, Enterprise Social and the Cloud
    Microsoft, Enterprise Social and the Cloud
    This is the first post in a series about Microsoft, SharePoint and Enterprise Social Networks – both now and in the future. We will be looking at the current landscape, Microsoft’s plans for the future, and how Beezy is transforming the Social experience for SharePoint customers. Historically SharePoint has been criticised for its substandard social […]
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  • Beezy Architectures: Server Model & App Model
    Beezy Architectures: Server Model & App Model
    This is the first post in a series about Beezy´s (evolving) architecture. We will be looking at the different development models (Server, App & Hybrid), how Beezy applies these models and how Beezy envisions a migration from one model to the other. This post will explain that Beezy´s App architecture suits both on premises and […]
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  • Five ways to seed a social network in your enterprise
    Five ways to seed a social network in your enterprise
    ‘Digital collaboration’ can take many forms, and for many years companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes have looked to help their employees work smarter using technology solutions. In the early days of computing and Intranet technology, static ‘magazine’ style systems where the norm. Users consumed information in a fairly basic manner, and almost […]
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Our secret sauce

We make both the Tech guys and the Business people happy. Every employee benefits.

  • Beezy is pure SharePoint! We'll save time and money since reusing our current infrastructure. Looks like the CEO will have it on time ...

    Jack Wired
    Jack WiredThe IT Boss
  • WOW! It doesn't look like SharePoint! Are you sure it is? Beezy is so easy to use that it will boost adoption. That's for sure...

    Mary Getitdone
    Mary GetitdoneThe Business Advocate
  • Finally I get a cool corporate tool to get my job done. Beezy is like having an all-in-one Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and LinkedIn...

    Johnny Workgood
    Johnny WorkgoodEmployee of the Month


We are dedicated to build and maintain a mutual profitable partner ecosystem. Our partners are handpicked and all have deep understanding of SharePoint. At Beezy we clearly split the responsibilities: our Product  team focuses on developing an unmatched set of features, while our partners customize, extend and integrate Beezy according to customer needs.

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We are a self-funded enterprise software company headquartered in the Silicon Valley. Since 2010 our amazing team of Microsoft MVPs, developers, architects, designers and even sociologists work the extra mile to make social collaboration happen in medium and large organizations. We believe in the disrupting power of collective intelligence. To turn that collective intelligence into organizational knowledge, employees need intuitive and engaging tools that get work done.

“Beezy is heating up the market for social enterprise solutions for SharePoint.” Alan Lepofsky – Constellation research

Meet the team

  • Jordi Plana
    Jordi PlanaCEO
  • Ritse Klink
    Ritse KlinkCOO
  • Maximo Castagno
    Maximo CastagnoProduct Lead
  • Enric Carrión
    Enric CarriónTechnical Lead
  • Mark Aschemeyer
    Mark AschemeyerSenior VP of Sales, Americas & Australasia
  • Marc Vall-llosera
    Marc Vall-lloseraArchitect
    • Oriol Torras
      Oriol TorrasFront-End
      • Xavier Gómez
        Xavier GómezFront-End
        • Carme Rota
          Carme RotaDesigner
          • Ross Duncan
            Ross DuncanProject Manager & Support
          • Christian Ruiz
            Christian RuizMobile Lead
            • Sergio Melero
              Sergio MeleroMobile
              • Jordi Vilà
                Jordi VilàFront-End
                • Roberto González
                  Roberto GonzálezBack-end Architect