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2021 Digital workplace trends & insights

The fact that the pandemic changed the workplace is old news. But what can we learn from these changes to shape the future of work for the better? Get the insights to find out.

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It's time to change work for good

We surveyed 800 employees and IT managers at large organizations to uncover the meaningful insights business leaders need to support a happier, more engaged, and more productive work environment.

The findings revealed:

  1. Remote work has amplified underlying workflow issues
  2. Meeting fatigue is the new app fatigue
  3. Employee happiness is stable, but engagement is slipping
  4. Organizations are grappling with new expectations around remote work flexibility

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Think you know your employees?

84% say they’d be more willing to work for or stay with a company that offers more flexibility.

54% say they’re attending more meetings now (virtually) than they were before (in person).

51% are struggling with feeling connected and engaged with their work.

61% say they’re not completely satisfied with their company’s workplace tools and technologies.

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Let's unpack the research

Watch our on-demand webinar, where we dive into the report findings. We discuss the biggest employee pain points and how business leaders can support new hybrid work environments.


Look forward to work   

How can Beezy empower your employees and make your workplace a better place?

Beezy replaces outdated intranets with an intelligent digital workplace – one where workflows are automated, communication is easy, collaboration actually works, and employees are happier as a result.   

We make it simple for your people to create, find, and engage with all the information, apps, and tools they need and use. All in one streamlined professional environment that’s 100% native to Microsoft. That means you’ll get more from your Microsoft investments.  


See Beezy in action

Beezy is the all-in-one intelligent digital workplace built for the Microsoft platform, created to deliver the best possible employee experience.  We designed Beezy to help large enterprises solve their biggest pain points: challenges related to communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and business processes. Have a look below. 

Enterprise Collaboration Software (ENG)

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