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Free Whitepaper: How to run a successful pilot

10/8/14 8:39 AM

Many companies are already using an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) and have a clear idea on the business value ESN´s can bring to the workplace. Organizations considering to implement an ESN may need to run a Proof of Concept or a Pilot to get insight in its business value.

The most typical reasons to run a pilot include:

  • No prior experience with ESN
  • Top management not convinced of ESN business value
  • Decide the purchase of a specific ESN software
  • Get Key Users on-board first to spread adoption later

Therefore, doing a pilot looks like a good idea in many situations. Unfortunately we have seen many pilots fail. Not because of the software value, but because of a lack of strategy to run and evaluate them.

This guide is intended to help our customers go through this process in a smooth way, with a clear strategy and evident results.

This whitepaper includes the following sections:

1. Define your pilot project

  • Define your business purposes
  • Turn them into valuable use cases
  • Choose the pilot users
  • Define evaluation indicators
  • Set the right period for the evaluation

2. General recommendations

  • Make it real, not a mere play
  • Avoid Analysis Paralysis
  • Include Top Management

3.  Appendix with frequent use cases examples.


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