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Extending Beezy to Office 365

11/11/15 5:06 AM

Earlier this year during Microsoft's Ignite Conference in Chicago, Beezy began supporting customers with hybrid collaboration needs, announcing our two-way integration with Yammer and a preview into our plans around a deeper integration with Office 365. Announced yesterday during the first full day of the European SharePoint Conference ( taking place this week in Stockholm, Sweden, Beezy has released Version 3 of our solution for the Office 365 platform, supporting both pure-cloud and hybrid environments. You can read the full press release here.

Additionally, Beezy becomes the only Microsoft partner with the ability to migrate customers from Jive, IBM Connections, or Sitrion (formerly NewsGator) to both on-premises environments and to the cloud, matching each of these competitors feature-by-feature and migrating 100% of the social artifacts created by them. What this means for customers who want to move to Office 365 but have major investments in these competing technologies, and have not moved for fear that they will lose valuable content and social activities -- you now have a path forward. You can move to the Office 365 platform without fear of functionality gaps or data loss.

Beezy is the only vendor within the Microsoft partner ecosystem that can match SharePoint and Yammer competitors feature-by-feature, raising the bar beyond what they provide. And we do it on top of SharePoint.

With Microsoft Corporate VP Jeff Teper returning to the helm of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business this summer, and the company beginning to share plans for additional investments in SharePoint both on-prem and online, there is a renewed energy around the community -- and a continued interest in solutions that enhance and extend SharePoint out of the box, especially if those solutions improve upon the platform's social capabilities. That's where Beezy provides our award-winning solution. And the response from the ESPC attendees so far has been very strong.

"Microsoft is continuing to make investments in the SharePoint platform, and because of that there is a renewed interest in building out a unified collaboration and digital workplace within most organizations. Beezy makes this a much more seamless experience for customers, enhancing and extending the platform that Microsoft provides with additional collaboration capabilities beyond what SharePoint can provide. The end result is that users are more productive, collaborative, and happy.” Beezy CEO Jordi Plana

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Beezy is constantly updating our solutions to leverage all of the latest Microsoft technologies, such as the Office Graph and Delve capabilities. As more organizations begin to develop strategies for moving their SharePoint environments to the cloud, it will become increasingly important for solutions to support hybrid scenarios, as well as pure-cloud environments. With Beezy, the interface and overall UX for Office 365 is identical to SharePoint on-prem, giving customers time to make the move to the cloud on their own terms.


Beezy v3 home page layout Beezy Version 3 home page layout


Beezy Version 3 solves the frustrations that many organizations experience around collaboration, where employees complain about a confusing and disconnected user experience through various overlapping apps and services, they are uninspired by the tired old design and limited capabilities of their intranet, and where the IT team has concerns about the growing trend of employees using unsanctioned and unsupported productivity solutions that put data at risk. Beezy provides a powerful collaboration engine that is fully integrated with SharePoint, with a comprehensive solution set and award-winning UX that give teams the tools they want and need. And we do all of this while ensuring high performance and feature availability through our API.


Beezy community page Beezy Version 3 community page


While Microsoft continues to support a number of different platforms and capabilities for social collaboration beyond SharePoint, including the cloud options of Yammer and the new Office 365 Groups, many organizations struggle to develop their own strategy amidst these overlapping and sometimes confusing options. One of the strengths of Beezy is our ability to leverage all of these capabilities -- and extend them -- to provide a seamless, unified collaboration solution that meets the needs of the modern organization.

“We are able to match the robust social collaboration found in competing platforms, and we do it within the Office 365 platform. We are the only vendor within the Microsoft partner ecosystem that can match these competitors feature-by-feature, but we raise the bar beyond what they provide with an amazing user experience. There’s nothing else like it on the market today.” Beezy Product Lead, Maximo Castagno

To learn more about Beezy Version 3 or to schedule an online demonstration, please contact us at



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