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Ignite Day 4: Successful Collaboration

9/29/16 1:05 AM

It's amazing how fast this week in Atlanta has gone by -- and it's been great to see the flow of MVPs, partners, and customers coming through the Beezy booth (2044) at Microsoft Ignite 2016. On Wednesday, we welcomed MVPs Michelle Caldwell from Avanade and Jeff Willinger from Rightpoint, as well as Dean Swann from UnlimitedViz and Joel Oleson from Konica Minolta for an excellent panel discussion on "How Social Improves the ROI of SharePoint" that covered many real-world examples of how social collaboration can enhance the value of content and collaboration activities inside of SharePoint. It's a topic we discuss at length on the Beezy team, but its always great to hear more on the topic from community experts.

Also joining me in the booth were fellow MVPs Jennifer Mason from Planet Technologies and Richard Harbridge from 2toLead for a detailed discussion on "Finding the Right Cultural Fit for Collaboration" where we talked about the need for a more human and holistic approach to finding and implementing the right collaboration strategy for your organization. Such an important, yet often overlooked topic. I'm looking forward to sharing both video recordings in the coming weeks.

Christian Buckley speaking on a panel at Microsoft Ignite 2016

In an MVP Hubtalk session, I was also able to present a short session on the Measuring Collaboration Success initiative (#MeasureCollabSuccess) and share some of the insights that myself and other panelists have taken away from the community survey data and respondent feedback. Of course, the second survey is currently running (you can take the survey here) and will be wrapped up at the end of October, however one of the primary points I tried to make in this session was how difficult it can be to determine what to measure if you do not have a clear definition of what it is you are trying to achieve. Most organizations cling to "best practices" that rely on activity-based reporting, but these data points rarely inform on the business value metrics that companies actually need. It's a topic that can often get heated, as activity-based metrics -- quantitative data such as number of logins, number of pages viewed, number of files shared, etc -- are relatively easy to capture, but really don't tell you anything about what is actually important to your business -- such as "Is this decreasing our time to delivery?" or "Does this increase our employee satisfaction numbers?" Our 11am panel discussion below includes 4 members of our expert panel for this initiative, and will continue the discussion on this topic.

Christian Buckley presenting a Hubtalk at MSIgnite 2016

Looking at our Thursday schedule, we have a couple more panels planned, as well as one more guest speaker. Here is the schedule for our mini-theater in Booth 2044 today:

  • 11:00-11:45am, Panel Discussion: How Measuring Collaboration Impacts Your Overall Success, with John White (MVP, UnlimitedViz), Jason Himmelstein (MVP, Rackspace), Mark Kashman (Microsoft), and   Curtis Hughes (C5Insights)
  • 1:00-1:30pm, Real-World Tips & Tricks for Successful Enterprise Social Collaboration & Networking, presented by MVP Richard Harbridge from 2toLead
  • 2:00-2:45pm, Panel Discussion: The Future of Knowledge Management in Office 365, with Jordi Plana (CEO of Beezy), Susan Hanley (MVP, Susan Hanley LLC), Richard Harbridge (MVP, 2toLead), and Mike Oryszak (B&R Business Solutions)

It's a shorter schedule on this final day in the Ignite expo hall, allowing us to spend more time giving demos of the Beezy solution. If you have not yet seen our award-winning solution for SharePoint and Office 365, please be sure to stop by Booth 2044 and check it out, or visit our newly revamped website at  

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