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Enterprise Collaboration and Communication Simplified

4/27/17 5:35 AM

From inception, Beezy has been focused on making enterprise collaboration and communication a more intuitive, engaging experience for employees. Let's face it -- most enterprise collaboration solutions are not so simple. They can be powerful, but if the user experience for your employees is not intuitive, employee adoption is often impacted.

Enterprise collaboration beyond file sharing should not be difficult. Workers don’t want to open another window, or launch another app on their device.  They want their lives simplified.  That's why employees love the Beezy ShareBox; it provides one simple interface for almost every collaboration need!

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enterprise_collaboration_simplified The Beezy ShareBox

Simplify Content Creation and Boost Enterprise Collaboration

The ShareBox is a unique feature within Beezy that dramatically improves the process of sharing content and knowledge by stripping out all the complexity of SharePoint. Users don’t have to worry about what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ as it’s all taken care of. They can do their work from one easy to use space. It’s a quick and easy way to share content to any community or group, and connects employees from all over the world with relevant and timely content and ideas.

Let's take a look at 3 of the most noteworthy ShareBox activities:

  • Post an Update (microblogging). This is the most common feature of the ShareBox. It enables employees to share documents and ideas, start conversations, and get feedback from their co-workers. Just drop an interesting link in the ShareBox, and Beezy will automatically store and tag it through our social bookmarking engine. Employees can tag conversations using hashtags (#) and mentions (@) exactly like Twitter, with mentions pulled from Active Directory.
  • Praise Your Colleagues. Gamification can be a powerful motivator. Using this praise feature, employees can recognize the hard work of their peers, thank someone for providing much-needed help on a project, or wish someone a happy birthday – all from the praise tool within the ShareBox. The default icons can be configured to meet your internal programs and protocols, and all praises are tracked against the user profile, giving managers deeper insight into cross-team recognition.
  • Add a Task. A common activity within communities are the assignment of tasks. The ShareBox provides a way to quickly and easily create and assign high-level tasks to individuals within a community. Task owners receive a notification, and progress on the task can be tracked with a simple, touch-enabled task bar to indicate whether the task has just started, is half-way done, or has been completed.

These three features barely scratch the surface of what the ShareBox can do to improve the quality and quantity of enterprise collaboration within your organization.

Benefits of the ShareBox

The ShareBox makes content creation simple and easy. It encourages employees to share more content, interact more frequently, and collaborate within and across communities - directly impacting employee adoption and engagement.

Workers don’t want to open another window, or launch another app on their device.  They want their lives simplified.

Employees have several options at their fingertips, allowing them to use the right tool for the job. But within each community, the administrator can still maintain visibility and define how the ShareBox is used, enabling or disabling its capabilities as needed. For example, one team may disable wikis and blogs, keeping the bulk of content sharing and discussions within the community newsfeed. Or maybe creating blog content is limited to administrators only — you decide!

A Note for the IT Team

As with all things in SharePoint, the Beezy ShareBox is security-trimmed based on profile permissions, as determined by the administrator. This allows you to configure the ShareBox user experience based on the unique requirements — and cultural needs — of each of your communities in SharePoint.

Sound good? Then contact us today to see the full extent of its capabilities, and see how Beezy can improve your team’s productivity and enterprise collaboration effectiveness using the ShareBox.

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