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Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation

3/20/17 6:28 AM

Everyone is talking about the need to transform their business tools and processes, and adopt a Digital Workplace strategy. What this means to your business depends on a number of different factors, but the primary idea is to create a workplace environment that is centered around collaboration, communication, and automation. As more and more organizations begin to define exactly what that means to their business, shaping a their own strategies, one question that we hear continually from customers is: Where do I begin? In other words, how can a company get  a jumpstart on their digital transformation?

Planning your Digital Workplace Planning your Digital Workplace

Getting a handle on the complexity

You may have a vision for where you want to take your business, but execution of that strategy is an entirely different problem. Collaboration and communication requirements can be complex, and different teams and business units will inevitably have their own unique requirements. While your ultimate goal is to support the entire company with your Digital Workplace strategy, you'll quickly discover that these internal teams have competing priorities. In an attempt to satisfy everyone, most planning efforts fail to satisfy anyone.

In our upcoming webinar, we'll be focusing on this planning dilemma, walking participants through a systems-based approach to planning for the Enterprise Collaboration elements within your Digital Workplace strategy. We'll share some real-world planning scenarios, and discuss activities and tactics to bring people together under a shared vision for your organization. Topics will include:

  • Engaging leaders in a systems analysis, identifying high-priority needs and challenges
  • Outlining a set of targeted and strategic actions based on common customer scenarios
  • Developing an implementation plan to support successful operational and improvement strategies

We will talk about how to map your current use cases and scenarios to SharePoint and Beezy, with the goal of helping your organization incorporate these systems-based planning activities into your overall Digital Workplace planning processes.

Register to Join the Webinar: Planning Your Digital Workplace - A systems-based approach to planning for Enterprise CollaborationAny organization that wants to deploy a digital workplace, with enterprise collaboration at its center, would benefit from a systems-based planning approach. Rather than the standard approach: creation of team requirements documents, submitted to an IT owner where they are folded into a more detailed and lengthy plan, without transparency or active participation from key stakeholders.

A more holistic approach to planning

Most organizations have an established process or methodology in place for managing technology deployments. However, your Digital Workplace strategy involves more than technology -- it requires thoughtful review of your core business activities and cultural needs. Within the SharePoint ecosystem, we have seen again and again that deployments fail when technology is "thrown over the wall" without taking the time to align tools and systems with business processes, and with the unique needs of business units, teams, and their end users. And likewise, the requirements of end users, teams and business units need to also comply with the overall requirements of the business , including security, compliance, and governance standards.

What is needed is an iterative, strategic, and systems-based approach of identifying core challenges at the team and company level, working with key stakeholders to identify appropriate strategies, building a solution using a scalable, repeatable, and sustainable change model. This approach drives stakeholder engagement, and ensures a more holistic solution that aligns with the needs of the business at every level.

We hope you can join us for our upcoming webinar on March 30th at 3pm GMT / 8am PST. Please register for Planning Your Digital Workplace today!

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