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The Beezy Bot – an intelligent assistant for your digital workplace

4/25/19 4:28 AM

Have you got a problem that you’re unsure which of your colleagues could help you with? Or where to access the content that would help you fix it yourself? Well, the Beezy Bot, a cutting-edge intelligent assistant (more than just a chat bot), is here to help – and to provide the ultimate digital workplace user experience 

The Beezy Bot is more than a chat bot

An intelligenbot for your digital workplace 

Your digital workplace is a place for your employees to collaborate, communicate, and access knowledge – everything that’s required for working as productively as possible.

Long gone are the days where company intranets were drab and lifeless, hard to navigate, and seemingly free from the content, apps, and information that people needed to get their jobs done.

Today, organizations can offer their employees a digital workplace that not only engages and delights, but helps them connect to colleagues, processes, and information on the go – anytime, anywhere. On top of this, the digital workplace is becoming ever more intelligent – making it easier for employees to carry out a wider range of sophisticated actions.

An intelligent chat bot or assistants powered by AI, are increasingly becoming a key part of this. They give your employees a personal – and friendly – point of contact to connect them to the apps, tools, and information that are available in their digital workplace. That’s why we are pleased to introduce the Beezy Bot – an omnipresent assistant who can help you make the most of your digital workplace at every stage of the user experience.

Introducing Beezy Bot: more than a chat bot

In its most visible form, the Beezy Bot is an assistant that connects the dots of the intelligent workplace and helps users throughout the entire UX. An Azure app powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services, the Beezy Bot answers questions, provides notifications, actions cards guided onboarding, as well as point users to content or colleagues that they will find useful. 

A lot of time is lost at work searching for documents or trying to figure out which colleague has the expertise to help you. Automated self-service tools like the Beezy Bot take pressure off support services, such as IT, as users can quickly find solutions without having to ask for help every single time.

Have a look at the Beezy Bot in action in our short video.

What can you do with the Beezy Bot? 

  • User onboarding – The Beezy Bot can respond to questions that new users have about their digital workplace, and direct them to content or communities to learn how to use the platform better. It complements user training and ensures sky-high user adoption. 
  • Employee onboarding – When new starters join the company, the Beezy Bot can proactively reach out to them to help find specific content, features, and training material. 
  • Providing help using their digital workplace – Rather than going to IT with troubleshooting problems, users can self-serve with the help of the Beezy Bot. The Beezy Bot can answer their questions, by directing them to Beezy Pages or to other useful resource or communities. 
  • Identifying experts and contexts of expertise – Your organization is no doubt full of knowledgeable experts in their various fields. Colleagues can use the Beezy Bot to find colleagues with specific “skills and expertise”, based on their user profile and the endorsements they have received. 
  • Answering previously asked questions – The Beezy Bot can answer previously asked questions and surface the best or most helpful answers as rated by the community. 

With the Beezy Bot, you can radically accelerate how users find knowledge and connect with colleagues – the ultimate digital workplace user experience.

Beezy Bot - Action Card in Beezy digital workplace

But the Beezy Bot is not only about a chat conversation. It permeates many other areas of the user experience in Beezy. For example, it can be used to understand and orchestrate business processes such as "Filling a Leave request" in combination with Beezy's workflow connectors and its Action Cards framework. The bot also powers smart notifications and can be configured to help users in on-boarding scenarios (i.e. a guided tour on first log-in).

In addition to all its capabilities, the bot is designed with a personal touch and a friendly manner. Its “tone of voice” and personality can be customized by administrators in accordance to the customer’s workplace AI strategy.

At Beezy, we celebrate the intelligent workplace. We do everything we can to help organizations provide their users with a digital workplace that is:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Highly intelligent
  • Collaborative

To find out more about Beezy Bot and how you can transform your digital workplace experience, get in touch with us today and set up a demo. 

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