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WEMAG Selects Beezy to Build a Social Intranet

5/6/19 4:31 AM

Many companies often shy away from introducing a new social intranet as they automatically associate this with high costs and long project periods. However, the project’s progression at the municipal energy provider WEMAG has shown that this does not have to be the case.

Learn about WEMAG’s successful and efficient way of building a social intranet together with Beezy.

WEMAG social intranet

Beezy – Social Intranet and Intelligent Workplace

When WEMAG decided to take a major step towards a modern workplace and provide its 600 employees with an interactive platform for communication and collaboration, Beezy quickly met the company’s requirements in the best possible way.

The reasons for this: the all-in-one Intelligent Workplace solution Beezy already offers many great features ‘out-of-the-box’ and convinces in particular with an easy-to-use and attractive user interface. Beezy is native to Office 365 and SharePoint and focuses on simple but comprehensive communication and collaboration between employees.

Advanced collaboration features like the Beezy ShareBox™ and Discovery Cards allow employees to collaborate easily and to share their content and knowledge. Newsfeeds, blogs, and wikis empower teams to communicate better and improve their engagement. Hence, Beezy provides a social intranet and intelligent workplace beyond what SharePoint and Office 365 can provide alone.

Beezy is also fully responsive, mobile-friendly and provides its own enterprise app available for Android and iOS. This makes the social intranet quite a bit ahead of other software solutions.

WEMAG’s three key benefits of a social intranet

With all of these great features Beezy offers, WEMAG has chosen the perfect platform to foster the cultural change within the company. Here are the three key factors that sold them on their new social intranet.

Reduce flood of information & achieve the self-determined user 

With ‘Kiek in’ – the name of WEMAG’s new social intranet – employees are now enabled to actively and independently decide which content is relevant for their work and which is not.

Of course, there are always news and information affecting the entire company, which needs to be made available to all employees. Some content, however, is only relevant for a certain audience. In this case, the user can decide for him or herself whether they want to be informed – for example by actively following a community on the platform.

Only five months from project start to go-live 

What makes the WEMAG project so special? One thing in particular: it was implemented in just five months – from selecting the software solution over the conception up to a ready-to-use system.

Since Beezy follows a minimalistic design approach that concentrates on the essentials and offers a number of out-of-the-box features, WEMAG did not have to invest time or money in special developments.

70% of the approximately 600 employees log in daily on WEMAG’s intelligent workplace

Success is clearly visible in high number of users 

The success of the Kiek in’ intelligent workplace is also reflected in concrete figures: 70% of the approximately 600 employees log in daily on the modern platform. The opportunities for cooperation in Kiek in’ are also very well received. Within the first three months, more than 60 virtual workspaces were created.  

We do not know what the future may hold, but we are already excited to look forward to seeing the platform continue to grow! 

This blog post was written by our partner HIRSCHTEC. You can find the original, German, blog post here.

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