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Beezy blogs are here to stay!

4/8/20 7:13 AM

SharePoint Classic & Delve Blogs are being retired, what's next?

You might have heard the news; Delve and SharePoint Blogs are on the way out, leaving many users without a blogging platform on Office 365 and their data homeless. And, by homeless, we mean deleted or completely disabled pretty soon. While Microsoft sticks to its ambitious schedule (content deletion in July 2020) and gently pushes organizations away from using this incredibly valuable offering. Companies are seriously concerned about how they will be able to save all of their blog assets while keeping full integrity of their content.

Find the right place for blogs with Beezy 

At Beezy, we always understood the benefits of corporate blogging and the value it has for many of our customers. When we decided to create our own blogging feature, we decided that we would not do it either as SharePoint or as Delve Blogs. For us, it was clear that SharePoint's native blogging capabilities were not up to the task for many of our customers, and later on, we also understood that a product like Delve (even with all its virtues) was not going to be massively adopted. Therefore, we decided to fly solo on this one and create our own blogging experience even though we kept SharePoint has the content repository.   

A big proof that Blogs are very much alive is that they are perfectly healthy in the consumer world. 

The announcement that Microsoft is deprecating these two functionalities proves that our decision was, in fact, correct. This is important for us because we always understood the value of blogs and how they are an essential means of communication not only for customers but also for many users around the world. They are perfect for sharing knowledge, expertise, helpful tips, and useful guides. It's not just about a top-down flow of information. It is about allowing anyone to share and access always available and always discoverable helpful working content. This was one of the main reasons behind our belief in the usefulness of blogs. And the idea behind our autonomous strategy regarding corporate blogging.    

We don’t see any reason why they would provide value in the enterprise world. 

Acting as a Proxy for Platform Changes 

To this day, we are big believers in our product strategy regarding blogs as a powerful way to couple content with conversations, to help disseminate information, to improve the level of employee engagement, and in bolstering the classification and contextualization of other information assets. These latest events serve as examples of how our product acts as a proxy regarding changes in Microsoft product strategy. For a company like Microsoft, they are inevitable due to its extensive and dynamic portfolio.    

Using Beezy on top of your Microsoft stack reduces your company's exposure to sudden product deprecations and enhances Office 365 with advanced collaboration capabilities and unifying user experience. We know that products change and that features might go away at some point, but we always consider alternative strategies to protect our customer's knowledge assets. 

What if I am coming from HCL Connections or Jive? What would happen to my Blogs? 

Whether you have some SharePoint legacy content in the form of blogs or you are a heavy user of the blogging capabilities in other platforms, Beezy has you completely covered. All of our customers currently migrating from Jive or HCL Connections are grateful that Beezy stuck to its guns on the belief that Blogs deserve a place in our intelligent workplace. In fact, they are now migrating to our platform with full confidence and excitement.  See for yourself why Beezy is the perfect fit. Contact us to schedule a demo to learn how Beezy can help you move your HCL Connections or Jive environments to Office 365. 


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