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    Beezy’s Digital Workplace: The Best Internal Communication Tool

    Larraine Solomon

    August 28, 2020

    In recent years, the way organizations communicate with employees has changed beyond recognition. Gone are the days of ‘command and control’ type cascaded messages, typically sent by email, replaced by a dialogue that enables employees to contribute to business success.

    Many of these changes are fueled by a societal transformation – employees increasingly demand a new and purpose led relationship with their employer. Workers expect to have a ‘voice’ and customers expect an improved experience where complaints can be immediately resolved and suggestions can be implemented. This is why it’s crucial to find the best internal communication tool for your business. 


    The Best Internal Communication Tool


    The best internal communication tools


    All of this has been made possible through an exponential growth in technology. At the stroke of a key, employees are able to find the information they need, collaborate with customers, translate stories into multiple languages, access data, crowd-source information and share appropriate corporate news externally on social media channels.

    To make this possible, a plethora of internal communication tools have sprung up and compete for the time and attention of workers. From collaboration software, to project planning tools, video conferencing, sales systems, HR systems, meeting facilitation tools, employee advocacy tools and employee survey software, employees can be overwhelmed with the choice of technology in their own workplace.

    So how do organizations help employees to make sense of it all, cutting through the noise to ensure they have the information they need to perform at their very best?

    A digital workplace is the best internal communications tool. 


    Digital workplaces


    A digital workplace is a central place where everyone in your global organization can easily communicate, collaborate and connect with others. It’s a platform where all of your important information can be stored and accessed at the appropriate time. But more importantly, this type of technology is unique as it can integrate all of the technologies that employees use into one single portal. From e-mail and instant messaging to enterprise collaboration, crowdsourcing applications and sales tools, employees no longer need to struggle with multiple passwords and screens – now, everything they need to do their job is accessible in one place. 

    A Digital workplace is a great way to empower people to build communities of interest, drive knowledge management and collaborate to deliver increased business value. Additionally, the information they need will often find them, rather than the other way around.  

    As consumers, we increasingly expect content to be pushed to us based on our unique browsing habits, geography, and interests. Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google all do this and a Digital Workplace is no different.  All of this increases the productivity of your workforce and their ability to serve customers well.


    Choosing a Digital Workplace provider


    Remote work is rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception, and Digital Workplace technology is booming. Millions of workers around the globe have started to use social networking technology without much fuss. 

    Additionally, employers and employees that have been resistant to change in the past have realized how user-friendly and effective it can be. Leaders have witnessed first-hand the impact that technology can have on improving the effectiveness of their business operations.

    With a growing number of Digital Workplace providers to choose from, how do you know which product is best for your organization? I was faced with the same question in 2017 when I headed up Internal Communication, Employee Engagement and Change at Monster Worldwide, a global recruitment company.

    Like any selection process, at Monster, we approached this task by gaining a thorough understanding of what the organization and employees needed in order to be successful. Once we were clear about the problem we were trying to solve, we created a prioritized list of requirements.

    The ability to collaborate globally to solve customer problems, the need to engage people in a new vision and company strategy and a requirement to deliver a secure, easy-to-use, consumer-grade technology platform were high on our priority list. 

    Working in close partnership with our IT department and other business leaders, I interviewed and assessed a number of Digital Workplace providers against our list of requirements, which proved to be time well spent. When we chose Beezy, we were certain that we had made the right choice and it did not disappoint. 


    Beezy’s Digital Workplace – 5 reasons why it’s the best internal communications tool


    With experience using many different technologies in different organizations, there are many reasons why Beezy stands out for me as the best internal communications tool. Here are my top 5.


    1. Beezy creates an outstanding user experience


    It’s fair to say that employees are busier than ever before. To help them to get the job done, they need access to technology that is very simple to use, but with a powerful impact. 

    Built with busy employees in mind, Beezy takes familiar social networking platforms we use in our everyday life (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Twitter for example) and brings them to the professional world. The result is a highly intuitive tool which requires little, if any training that immediately connects your workforce across every location and function. Beezy makes it easy to communicate with all employees, and for all employees to communicate with each other – in one central location.


    2. Beezy is very easy to set up, install and it is secure


    Beezy’s out-of-the-box setup is quick to install with little configuration and it can be ready to go within hours.  Because all of the data is stored within your own environment, there are no security issues.  This means that your new Social Intranet can be up and running with very little IT resource needed.


    3. Beezy ensures that important global and local corporate news does not get lost in the ‘noise’


    The amount of information an average employee receives can be overwhelming.  All too often, employees prioritize urgency over importance, trading immediate tactical deadlines for understanding strategic information that will generate sustainable business results over the longer term.

    Beezy’s news carousel on the home page delivers relevant local and global company news to make sure employees are easily able to stay engaged and up-to-date.  Global and local admins can successfully customize the delivery of content by assigning local editors. Employees can access critical information with national and regional scope effortlessly. In addition, video stories allow content creators to convert their written stories into compelling videos or enhance their written narrative with a video message for an enhanced employee experience.


    4. Beezy enables integrations with other employee tools


    To eliminate the use of multiple applications and the potential for siloed departments and information, Beezy is able to bring together the Microsoft Office suite, including Teams, Yammer, and OneDrive for Business. In addition to that, it is able to integrate with third-party providers like Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow providing an end-to-end experience.

    As a practical example, at Monster, we chose to integrate Beezy with Salesforce which was a critical tool for the Account Reps.  As a result, when a sale was made, members of the relevant ‘community’ could immediately see the details on Beezy, enabling people to congratulate their colleague and best practice to be shared. 


    5. Beezy has an excellent mobile app


    According to recent research, the average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone, and there is a similar pattern in other parts of the world. With the trend for remote working set to continue, this is likely to increase. This means that a Digital Workplace with an excellent mobile app has never been more critical.

    Unlike most Digital Workspace solutions, the Beezy Mobile App replicates the vast majority of desktop functionality for mobile devices and is available for iPads as well as iOS and Android Smartphones. The mobile app is built around the same four pillars as the desktop version: 

    • Communication – Employees can see company news and updates through a communication newsfeed seamlessly optimized for the mobile experience.
    • Collaboration – Employees can create and edit documents, give feedback, provide sign–offs, and access team updates just as they would at their desktop.
    • Knowledge Management – Employees can quickly complete their normal practices of tagging documents to help with later discovery. You can search and create content from anywhere on any device.
    • Business Process – Beezy enables automated workflows to efficiently progress, so employees don’t need to wait until they return to their desktops to access their assigned tasks. Updates can be quickly viewed and acted on through a unified notifications stream.  

    Improve communication across your organization

    In the current economic climate, from a commercial point of view, it’s more important than ever for employees to be productive and effective. Many organizations must balance the need to reduce costs while providing an even-better customer experience if they are to survive and thrive. 

    Keeping employees connected and motivated will be essential over the coming months and while technology is not the only solution, an exceptional Digital Workplace platform is the best internal communications tool and will go a long way to ensure business success. 


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