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    How auto-translation makes your workplace safer and more inclusive

    Maximo Castagno

    February 23, 2022

    Did you know that more than 60 million U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home? 

    In fact, the number of bilingual U.S. residents has been growing year on year since the ‘70s. Today, our world is more globalized than ever – and our workforces are more culturally diverse as a result.

    We know that diversity promotes inclusion and innovation and a rich mix of cultures allows organizations to draw on as many different perspectives as possible when it comes to decision making and innovation.

    Businesses need to support their diverse workforces, and that means having the right tools in place to let the exchange of information and knowledge flourish.

    Language doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) a barrier to communication. And while it’s fine to lean on tools such as Google Translate for tips on smoothing over your water cooler chat, content creators in large organizations shouldn’t have to jump from screen to screen, copying and pasting from their content management screen to a consumer translation tool.

    Translation capabilities should, instead, be embedded in the content management tool. That's why, with the latest Beezy product release, we’ve introduced a powerful new feature for Beezy Stories and Pages: Automatic Translations, also known as Auto-Translations.

    We’ve always aimed to make content creation and management as simple and barrier-free as possible. In fact, ClearBox Consulting’s latest intranet and employee experience platforms report called out Beezy Stories as offering “one of the best content editing experiences currently available.” You can see what other analysts had to say here.

    When it comes to staff safety there should be no room for information getting lost in translation. Miscommunications can quickly lead to teams breaking down and resentment building up – or worse. Sadly, research shows that language barriers are a factor in 25% of on-the-job accidents.


    How auto-translation tools can help

    Like so many modern workforces, the Beezy family is a blend of nationalities and languages. So, we understand the importance of keeping everyone on the same page – whether that page is in Spanish, English, French, or Mandarin.

    Now, with Auto-Translations, users are only ever one click away from being able to view an entirely translated and formatted version of their original Story or Page within seconds.

    To do this, Beezy uses cutting-edge translation technology from Azure Cognitive Services. This service is unlike anything else on the market today and requires no further integrations to be installed.

    There are two main ways to tackle automatic translations. The first is to put the functionality in the hands of the user consuming the content (like when your browser detects that you may want to “translate this site”). The second – and more sophisticated approach – is to offer this feature to content creators instead, which speeds up the translation process as they’re creating content and gives them full flexibility to make edits to the automatically-generated translation.

    We think this feature offers the best of both worlds: the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do the bulk of the job, combined with full human control to make it just perfect.

    With Auto-Translations, organizations are able to effectively tap into the collective brains of their entire workforce, rather than working in language-based silos. With every single employee able to quickly and clearly talk with any other member of staff, the possibilities for collaboration and new ideas become endless.

    In a competitive market, these opportunities for innovation are key to staying ahead of the curve.  

    Plus, communication is essential for building relationships

    Auto-Translations connect whole organizations, from the top floor to the shop floor, by ensuring everyone can get behind a shared message.

    Also, by giving everybody access to the same information, translations help create a more inclusive workplace. According to recent research, the more “heard and valued” staff feel, the more engaged and productive they become.

    Communicating in an employee’s first language is one simple thing you can do to promote inclusion and knowledge sharing, and improve employee wellbeing across the board.

    Are you starting to see why we’re so excited about Auto-Translations? This update to Beezy will make workplaces safer, more efficient and more collaborative – as well as improving employee engagement, which we believe is the secret to a happier, more harmonious workforce.

    Want to see what Auto-Translations and other innovative Beezy features could do for your organization? Schedule a demo today.



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