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Executive Q&A Sessions: Beezy Launches Town Halls

1/17/13 4:32 AM

Large Enterprises are consistently looking for way to improve communication between executives and their workforce. It is well known that executive communication is vital for employee commitment and organisational direction. TownHalls facilitate an environment for an on demand forum between executives and employees to nurture strategic alignment, promote deeper engagement and give direct communication. Allowing discussion across hierarchical boundaries breaks down many of barriers of frustration by stimulating a visibility of data that allows changes to policy, discussions of key initiatives and reviews of KPIs to become a fluid process.

TownHalls can be public or private and offer a consumer UX similar to what users feel comfortable with. Executives and employees can filter questions by all questions, answered questions, unanswered questions and followed questions (specific to each user). Beezy also offers statistics to allow you to view the most liked, commented activities, etc. All answered questions are made visible to the attending audience in real time, and are then archived for historical review.

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Our Minimum requirements

These requirements were pivotal for the product to be a success:

- Central platform for knowledge sharing and discussion home and away

- Built on top of SharePoint

- Full access to Corporate AD

- Integration with Lync allowing you to escalate activities to IM and phone conferences.

- Ability to perform specific filters of activities that are relevant to you

- Obtain business metrics that from each TownHall

- Archive content to be found in the future.

- Front end caching for performance


A Town Hall will be active for period of time before the live session starts, during this phase, users can ask questions for the beginning of the TownHall. After this phase the Speaker will be answering previously made questions and the new ones through a live video streaming session. Assigned Moderators can manage questions throughout the session and post answers according to the Speaker’s speech. After the session, the content will be archived and could be accessible in "read only" mode.

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How to ask questions and comment on activities

With the microblog tool users can post those questions waiting for a Speaker’s answer. Once they have the first response, the question’s activity will be opened to all users post replies with their comments.

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Delete a question or comment

Users have the ability to delete their own questions as well as Speakers and Moderators. Users have the ability to delete their own comments, this can also be moderated by speakers, moderators and admins. This can be done at any point.

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Likes and follows

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You and other attendees can like questions. This is a feature that allows users to show their support for specific questions and indicates to Speakers that these are popular questions made in within this Town Hall which should be given priority when answered.

The Follow button allows you to bookmark the most important activities, content and separate them in a personalized tab.

Mentions and hashtags

With @ key you can mention your colleagues in any of your activities. Using # key you can create hashtags that can help you later to search for trending topics and past activities. It also enables to collect, process and store data.

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For TownHalls to function correctly, there needs to be specific roles:

Speaker: Each Town Hall has a minimum of one speaker who can answer user’s questions. Speakers can start answering questions as soon as the Town Hall is declared Active. The user cannot ask questions.

Moderator: A Town Hall enables speakers to have moderators in order to carry out an array of tasks. Moderators can help to answer questions and carry out administrator duties such as delete inappropriate content, invite additional people to private TownHalls and modify the time or date.

Attendee: Town Hall attendees can post questions to be answered. Like speakers and moderators they have access to statistics and different filters for views. Attendees can be invited into private TownHalls or they can choose to join a Public Town Hall.

Want to try Town Halls in your organization? Ask for a Beezy trial or send us a message.

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