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New features: April 2014

4/27/14 4:21 AM

Last month Microsoft announced that they will not invest in SharePoint social. Beezy not only stays fully committed to SharePoint social. No, we are hedging our bets. The proof is that we keep bringing the most advanced social features to on-premises SharePoint installations, below are a sample of our fresh features.


Ideas are a very specific type of information to be shared in a corporate context. They deserve special treatment. We want to support your innovation process, so we took a first step into this journey enabling this new type of content in the microblog. Employees can now submit their ideas to foster innovation in any context, collect feedback, get their colleagues to champion it or simply refine until it's perfect.

Idea Elevator

New social badges

We've already stated that gamification is showing real impact in adoption dynamics. Beezy is now collecting information about the praises that users get and displaying a badge count for each of them. Praises are configurable in Beezy so most of our clients are creating their own types aligned with their very specific business strategy or HR values. By showing these badges in their microprofile we allow users to have a quick sense of the social endorsement that every employee is getting within the Enterprise Social Network.

See a snapshot of your colleagues profile

Better notifications

Notifications are critical for user adoption. Social Networks depend on users´ awareness about the things that matter. Without a powerful notification system, it becomes really difficult to make employees move away from email for internal communication. This is why we keep improving notifications in Beezy. In this new release we offer a better user experience to check your notifications during your daily job. Users don't need to load a full page anymore to see their latest notifications. They now get a quick preview of the latest items, which matches the experience of the mainstream consumer social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Sneak peak of your notification page

Infinite scrolling

In our quest to offer the easiest user experience possible, we've removed a very important button. Users don't need to click on "Older activity" to browse more items in the newsfeeds. New activity appears just as they scroll down the page saving them a lot of clicks every day and without compromising the overall performance. Of course we've also applied this logic to our native mobile apps since this behaviour is extended further in the mobile context.

Condensed activities

Microblogging is meant to share short messages. Twitter only allows 140 characters as we all know. But in the corporate context, limiting the amount of characters doesn't make much sense. There are many typical business scenarios where employees need to share long chunks of information as text. The problem if you don't limit the characters is that you then have a cluttered Newsfeed with long texts in it. Once again we didn't reinvent the wheel but instead mimicked the behaviour of mainstream social networks like Facebook and added a "see more" option after a few lines in long posts. People can share now whatever they feel like and the reading experience remains fast and fluid.

Show more allow you to expand and collapse posts on your Newsfeed

Enhanced central administration

We usually don't talk about technical stuff on our feature updates, but this one is important! We've made great improvements to help technical administrators manage Beezy installations. We offer now simpler tools to deploy the new Beezy instances across your servers or Site Collections and get them connected to a unified Newsfeed.

You can request a demo today to see these amazing features in action on both SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

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