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Introducing Beezy Idea Campaigns

7/11/16 8:00 AM

We are very excited to announce today the release of a new feature that will quickly become a core component of the Beezy solution: Idea Campaigns. As most organizations have come to realize, innovation is critical to business survival in this economic climate. Declaring that your organization has a focus on identifying and capitalizing on new innovations is not enough -- the tools that you provide to your employees to foster creativity most likely fall well short of that goal. The tools you provide often create additional siloes of information, adding yet another layer to their increasingly complex digital workplace. In addition, when spread too thin, employees become disengaged, impacting the accuracy of what is captured and stunting the progress of ideas. The end result is a solution that fails to generate repeated innovation. That's where Beezy Idea Campaigns can help.

Introducing Beezy Idea Campaigns

There is a distinctive gap between the productivity tools employees use on a daily basis, and the process of identifying, nurturing, and taking action on innovative ideas. Beezy Idea Campaigns fix this critical business gap by offering an amazing user experience for both Innovation Managers and end-users alike, leveraging the capabilities of SharePoint and the powerful Beezy solution, whether on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. You can read more about this latest feature in the press release.

Setting up an idea campaign

How Beezy Idea Campaigns work is simple: within SharePoint, Innovation Managers or domain experts can launch a campaign as a way to "call for ideas" under a specific topic of interest, such as how the company can reduce its carbon footprint, or ways to reduce delivery time to customers. Campaigns typically revolve around important challenges for an organizations, and help the campaign owner to quickly tap into the collective intelligence of the workforce to come up with innovative ideas and specific actions plans -- and to measure those ideas through implementation.

To see Beezy Idea Campaigns in action, check out our latest video:

Participating in an idea campaign

The true power in this feature is how easy it is for anyone within your organization to get involved and make a difference, regardless of title or tenure. Once a campaign is launched, every employee can become a disruptor, a do-er, an intrapreneur, simply by submitting his or her idea, collecting feedback from other colleagues, building support (others can choose to "champion" an idea), and to refining that original idea.

There are multiple benefits to any business that implements Beezy Idea Campaigns: First and foremost, it builds a repeatable process for innovation, essentially creating an innovation engine for your business. Second, it has a direct impact on employee engagement. Third, it leverages your existing SharePoint infrastructure, capturing every discussion, document, and interaction as knowledge assets within SharePoint content databases, delivering on the promise of maintaining one version of the truth.

The more you involve people in the process, the more people care about the end result.

If you would like to learn more about idea management and its value within enterprise collaboration, download a copy of our latest eBook: Formalizing Idea Management

The process behind a campaign

The idea management process within Beezy Idea Campaigns can be divided into the following steps:

  • Submission period: the ideas campaign is launched, and ideas are submitted before a target date.
  • Evaluation: campaign owners review all of the ideas submitted, and "graduate" or promote those that seem to fit the criteria of the campaign, and that make sense to refine and develop.
  • Refinement: users of graduated ideas provide more depth around their ideas, and through feedback and direct collaboration with others, expand and refine their ideas.
  • Impact announcement: the campaign is closed, the owners communicate the overall results and impact, and the various outputs become part of the organization's searchable knowledge repository.

Extensibility of Beezy

One of the benefits of the Beezy enterprise collaboration solution is how flexible and extensible it is, allowing customers to more readily deploy it to meet unique business and cultural requirements. For example, many of our customers have back-end systems to manage innovation processes, and have developed specific processes and methodologies for moving their ideas from inception through delivery. Beezy offers easy ways to integrate/connect the Idea Campaigns feature into external modules, such as with SAP Innovation Management or similar, leveraging a set of API methods.

We are excited about today's product announcement, and hope you have a chance to take a look at the press release, video, and eBook. Beezy Idea Campaigns are a powerful tool for creating an innovation engine within any organization -- and we'd love the opportunity to demonstrate. Contact us through our demo request form, and let us show you and your team the new Idea Campaigns first-hand!

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