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Inside Beezy Connectors

5/13/19 4:57 AM

Over the last decade, it has become commonplace for organizations to combine their core technology environment with third-party applications for HR, communication, business process, Sales or ERP. As a result, most employees today are constantly juggling between tools like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, SAP Concur and many more.

The Beezy platform was designed to enhance collaboration and communication within organizations by creating a central hub for data and tools. Creating an intelligent workplace requires connecting and automating all the tools that employees use to complete their work.

Beezy Connectors

What is a connector?

Connectors enable apps to interface with each other, via their application programming interfaces, known as APIs. This means that different tools can share information securely between themselves.

Beezy has been built from the ground up based on its robust API. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to offer connectors in different platforms, to extend the product functionality for our customers.

The rise of DIY automation

Consumer applications like Zapier and If This Then That have allowed users to connect and automate apps without technical knowledge. This made automation available to non-technical users, enabling anyone to automate simple tasks.

These new products have transformed the potential of commercial applications – but what about the business context?

Business process modeling has always existed as a category in enterprise software. However, trends in the consumer market have forced traditional platforms to move to the cloud and offer a more modern user experience. New platforms like Microsoft Flow or Metatask have emerged from this trend, allowing any business stakeholder to create workflows and automate tasks without IT assistance.

Nintex flow - Beezy

What can Beezy Connectors do?

Our Connector comes with a series of Actions that can be triggered in Beezy, like posting an activity in the newsfeed for a specific user or a community. When combined with triggers and actions from other platforms, this creates highly effective workflows.

Imagine that a team of salespeople is collaborating in a Beezy community and they’re working in Salesforce. The Beezy and Salesforce connectors can work together to inform users about actions that happen in Salesforce directly on their personal Newsfeed in Beezy. In combination with our Action cards technology, users can even take actions or make decisions about Salesforce items directly within the Beezy Newsfeed.

The possibilities are endless, and we’re surprised every day by what our customers are achieving with the Beezy Connectors. We are also having a lot of fun using it internally to streamline our collaboration. You can read more about how we internally use Beezy connectors in our blog post about platform integration.

Ms Flow with Beezy actions

Beezy currently offers connectors for these enterprise-grade platforms:

The possibilities of the Beezy connector can also be extended further by using Microsoft PowerApps to create new applications that connect various tools.

Beezy Connectors in action


The Beezy Newsfeed allows users to see activity within their network. By aggregating relevant content and tasks that require action, Beezy creates a central hub where workers can easily see all of the tasks and information that they need.

Action cards

Action cards appear in a user’s newsfeed to alert them to a task that was triggered in an automation platform that requires their attention. Cards appear in a personal newsfeed and users are able to comment on them. Action cards will be either public or private depending on their content.

Overview Beezy Action cards

Until recently, Beezy’s newsfeed was solely humans interacting with other humans. With our new framework, systems are now able to communicate with people and also with each other. With systems able to surface Action cards, workers can eliminate even more manual tasks from their workloads.

Intelligence in the workplace

The future of work is not only about human collaboration. Innovative companies need to enable a sophisticated way of having systems and humans working together in a controlled and efficient way.

With Beezy Connectors, non-technical customers can develop their own automation and workflows to integrate apps into a single environment helping knowledge workers complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Beezy is helping users create tailored work environments by connecting them to the tools they need. The Digital Workplace is empowering workers to create better workflows for themselves and ultimately achieve more.

Request a demo of Beezy today to find out how your organization can become more agile with Connectors.

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