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Introducing Beezy Apps

5/10/19 4:17 AM

As part of our latest release, we are proud to announce Beezy Apps: the new feature that brings together the full range of tools your employees use every day into one easy-to access-directory.

To help employees complete their daily work effectively, digital workplaces must find a way to make their tools accessible and easy to use. Creating a centralized location where apps are integrated enables organizations to provide everything their employees need for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Key benefits

A centralized App store

Building Beezy Apps within your digital workplace allows you to collect all your business-critical applications in one place for easy discovery. The App store is where users can browse the entire offer of corporate tools. They can filter them by categories and tags and also access a detail page for every specific app.

Beezy Apps overview

The App store offers the following advantages:

  • Combat shadow IT – A complete catalog of every official corporate tool available within the workplace.
  • The right information – Every app has a detail page with information, screenshots, training/support information, and a URL for access.
  • Clear permissions and support – Using an app’s detail page, workers can find the relevant person to contact about an app within the company.
  • Improved discoverability – Employees can find apps using keywords, categories, and tags, improving findability and discoverability.


A personalized mega-menu

Through the mega-menu, users have a new option called Apps to discover and access their favorite tools. By simply dragging and dropping featured apps, users can build up their own Favorites list. An engaging user experience guides them through their first time using the App store.  This feature also surfaces intelligent recommendations that will help users make the most of their app environment and work more effectively.

Megamenu Beezy Apps

Without leaving the mega-menu, users can:

  • Pin their favorite apps – Have most frequently used tools always at hand.
  • Discover apps– Administrators can feature apps, editorializing access to specific tools. It’s easy to promote tools if they’re new or particularly relevant.
  • Search apps – Users can quickly search and access any app from their menu.
  • Organize favorite apps – Users can easily re-arrange the order of their favorite tools to match their specific needs.


The workplace of the future

The digital workplace requires more intelligent and integrated solutions than ever before. Beezy Apps gives organizations a centralized location where all essential business apps are available. Administrators can easily maintain apps while workers improve their efficiency and productivity. Beezy offers the ultimate digital workplace experience, bringing together Communities, Stories, Pages, Bots, Sites, and now Apps to create a central hub of productivity.

Try a demo of Beezy today to begin building your ideal digital workplace.

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