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Overcoming language barriers in the workplace

12/13/19 9:30 AM

Today’s businesses are more global than ever. Technology has made it easier to communicate with anyone in the world at the touch of a button. That means more organizations are expanding globally and finding opportunities to explore new marketplaces. But for many, language barriers in the workplace are complicating international communication.  

While technology might enable seamless collaboration, the challenge in navigating multiple languages is more difficult to navigate. That’s why so many companies are now realizing the need for fully integrated digital workplaces that can draw people together across a range of different languages.  

But not all multilingual digital workplaces are built the same. With Beezy, users have access to some of the most comprehensive multilingual functionality available. In this blog, we discuss how these features can empower your users and bring your company together.  

Multilingual Capabilities Beezy Digital Workplace

Benefits of a multilanguage digital workplace 

For global companies, enabling seamless collaboration across different geographies and time zones is enough of a challenge. But when you add different languages to the mix, you have a recipe for disconnected teams, broken processes, and information silos. A multilanguage digital workplace provides the tools to achieve that. Here’s a look through what this can allow you to achieve:

  • Create a consistent message

One of the most important benefits of a digital workplace is the ability to unite all users under a consistent digital message. With a multilanguage digital workplace, you can make this messaging consistent across all regions and languages.

  • Avoid disconnected workers

When your employees can’t communicate with one another, information silos will invariably form. A multilanguage intelligent workplace ensures that content can be readily exchanged between employees, regardless of the language they speak.

  • Make your employees feel at home

People communicate best and feel most at home when they use their first language. Fostering a sense of belonging and community requires allowing employees to communicate seamlessly, using the words and phrases they feel most at home with.  

These benefits explain why so many businesses are turning to multilanguage digital workplaces to bring their global companies together.  

Translate a comment - Beezy Digital Workplace

Beezy: A true multilanguage workplace experience

While many intranet providers are adding multilanguage capability to their products, the functionality is often limited. To get the full benefits, businesses need the widest possible translation potential.  

Our userbase already spans over 60 countries, across a large range of different languages. For us, a global mindset isn’t just something we add to our existing product – it’s been a fundamental part of our approach since the very beginning. That means that our multilanguage potential is wider and more extensive than most alternatives on the market. Here’s a look through some of the multilingual functionalities in the Beezy product:

  • 3000 words, 20 languages, limitless potential

The UI of the Beezy product is made up of a total 3,000 words that can be translated into a wide range of global languages 

With this extensive multilingual functionality, users across all 20 of these languages will be able to easily navigate and interact with their digital environment in their chosen language. The infrastructure is constantly improving, with new concepts and variations being updated each quarter. Plus, if your required language isn’t included in this list, it’s possible to add an extra language pack to the platform as an additional service, as long as that language is already supported by SharePoint.   

  • Automated translation for collaborative content

On the Beezy application, communities, blogs, and comments are considered user-generated. This is collaborative content; where information is shared, and ideas are generated – and it’s a vital part of a modern company. Beezy simplifies this collaboration across multiple languages, by seamlessly integrating with third party translation tools via a simple JS/CSS customization. That way, text shared via these media can be automatically translated into a range of languages.  

Translate activity - Beezy Intelligent Workplace

  • Multiple language functionality

Automatic translations are good for user-generated content. But this isn’t ideal for all content. Corporate communications like news, stories, and pages are the kind of content that is often distributed across an entire global company – and requires a little more control. It’s important that this same piece of content can be reproduced across the digital workplace in different languages. In Beezy, the structure of these pages allows different language versions of the same content to be added, which are then optimized towards individual users’ language preferences. This is particularly useful for companies who already use professional translators to create different versions of corporate communications.

  • Simple collaboration with external translation agencies

The content of sites, pages, and stories tend to be critical, important business documents. Companies often find value in having these documents professionally translated by external experts to ensure a unity of content across all their global offices. Beezy makes this easy, allowing users to create content in their native language within the integrated environment, then export the content as an XLIFF file. From there it can be externally translated, before being easily published in the right place. Beezy makes the process fast, easy, and efficient.

An end to language barriers in the workplace 

For global companies, a truly digital workplace requires the ability to communicate between all time zones, offices, and languages. This has been a fundamental part of our philosophy since the earliest days of the Beezy product. Today, it means we offer some of the widest multilingual functionality available anywhere on the market. With a Beezy multilingual digital workplace, you’ll be fully loaded with the tools and collaborative potential you need to truly take your workers to the next level of productivity 

If you want to find out more about building a multilingual digital workplace with Beezy, get in touch with the team today – and discover what we can do for you.

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