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    Congratulations! Beezy customers win Digital Workplace of the Year Awards


    December 9, 2021

    From promoting a culture of safety and wellbeing to revamping knowledge sharing and supporting frontline workersBeezy customers are gaining global recognition for transforming their employees’ workplace experiences. 

    This year’s Digital Workplace of the Year Awards from Digital Workplace Group (DWG) recognized three Beezy customers as finalists, with two of them taking home awards. Finning and Nordic Consulting were awarded for their commitment to employee wellbeing and passionate leadership respectively, and Glencore was shortlisted for Digital Workplace Leader of the Year.

    Putting employee experience front and center in the digital workplace

    DWG’s annual Digital Workplace of the Year Awards celebrate the organizations and practitioners who have excelled at creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments. 

    As organizations move to more permanent flexible and hybrid ways of working, the employee experience has become more important than ever.  

    All three Beezy customers have shown innovation and commitment to prioritizing the employee experience, using Beezy to power their digital workplaces.

    1. Finning – Winner, Digital Workplace of the Year 2021 (Award for Employee Wellbeing) and Digital Workplace Leader of the Year 2021 (Award for Employee Wellbeing)

    Finning-DWG_Award_Banner 02

    Finning is the world's largest Caterpillar dealer, delivering unrivaled service for nearly nine decades. The company’s aim is to build and power a better world – a commitment that starts with the company’s people. Finning’s digital workplace – called Traction – plays a critical role in creating an engaging and inclusive employee experience for more than 13,000 diverse staff spread across Canada, South America, the UK, and Ireland.

    As a major player in industries including mining and construction, Finning makes safety a top priority. Elisha McCallum, Finning’s Director of Global Communications, is the driving force behind Traction.


    From the outset, Elisha sought to unite the organization for a better and more inclusive employee experience. She led the charge to implement a single solution – a simple yet powerful way for employees to connect, communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge anywhere, anytime.  

    Over the last year, Finning has built on that employee experience, leveraging Traction to strengthen the company’s culture of safety and prioritize employees’ psychological safety and wellness.  

    Traction provides a central hub that’s integral to fostering Finning’s safety culture. It’s a space where important conversations can happen – with communities that provide safe spaces for employees to talk about anything, including topics like mental health. 

    2. Nordic Consulting – Winner, Digital Workplace Leader of the Year 2021 (Award for Passionate Leader)


    Nordic is an award-winning global health and technology consulting company that partners with health leaders around the world to create healthier systems, businesses, and people.  

    When Dawn Hancock was hired as Nordic’s Senior Director of Knowledge Management & Internal Communications, she was tasked with building the knowledge management program from the ground up – with a footnote in her job description to refresh the company’s intranet.  

    Nordic-Dawn-Hancock-DWG_Award_Banner copy

    After deep-diving into 30 different digital workplace vendors, Dawn landed on Beezy to help develop Nordic’s digital workplace, NordicHQ.

    The user-centered hub now supports Nordic’s 1,400+ workforce of strategists, architects, engineers, clinicians, project leaders, and trainers, who are spread across offices in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

    3. Glencore – Finalist, Digital Workplace Leader of the Year 2021


    Glencore is one of the world's largest global diversified natural resource companies, with 135,000 employees spread across 35 countries.

    Glencore’s Neil Morgan, Head of Digital Workplace Experience, worked with Beezy to develop The Core – a digital workplace that would unite the company and combine superior knowledge management with engaging two-way communication.


    Since two-thirds of Glencore’s staff work on the frontlines, mobile capabilities were a priority. The Core now provides employees on the go with much-needed access to crucial information, as well as connection to their coworkers.

    The Core’s multilingual capabilities help remove communication barriers and create a more inclusive employee experience, as staff can engage with The Core’s content in their own language. 

    Inspired by feedback from the people who will actually be using it, Neil worked with Beezy to create an interactive, engaging solution.  

    We're super proud of our customers and their digital workplaces

    Beezy is a product that is, in part, driven by our ongoing relationships with our amazing customers, making sure we truly understand their needs and keeping our product relevant and robust for the future. Their hard work, alongside our Customer Success team, is what makes their digital workplaces award-winning. Congratulations!   



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