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New Android App

2/2/14 5:15 PM

Yes! Beezy's new Android app is finally released. During the last weeks our mobile team has worked the extra mile to polish the app. We are very happy with the result for 3 good reasons:

We knew from the beginning that Android is a complex platform to develop on. The reason being the extreme diversity of devices and Android versions out there. By keeping the interaction as simple as possible, we diminished the possibility of having something not working on some devices.
One swipe to get the full menu with all your communities and one tap to see the detail of any activity.
Posting, commenting and liking are also one tap away.
No complex transitions or funky tricks.

Content first
We wanted the design of the app to clearly put content first. When you open the app the first thing you read is the content of the latest updates. We took this concept far enough to invert the classical position of first the author, second the message. In this app we show first the post  which helps mobile users focus on the content. We are getting very positive feedback on this move.
We also have stripped out everything that was not relevant enough in the mobile context. For example, do you need to know the exact time of a post when browsing the latest activities? No. If you are on-the-go you normally know the overall timeframe since your last check-in. So we removed it from the feed. We did the same with many features and pieces of information.
By doing so we have achieved a minimalist interface that is almost Zen.

We wanted our minimalistic approach to be counter balanced by a colorful experience. Communities in Beezy have a color to help users quickly identify the context. We streamlined this color palette to generate an engaging visual experience. Colors are used in the app to convey content and context so it is not only about a nice design. The result is vibrant and fun.

Seeing the amazing market share that Android is getting lately, we are thrilled to release this app today and allow many employees out there to effectively connect with their colleagues while on-the-go.

We are always iterating and improving our mobile apps so if you are interested in our mobile roadmap just use the form below to request it.


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