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New Features: September 2014

9/22/14 4:48 AM

Beezy is happy to release a new version of its product with a strong focus on social knowledge. Our roadmap includes a long list of features that will facilitate knowledge sharing while at the same time allowing easier retrieval, update and reuse.

Our aim at Beezy is to allow employees to extract the business value of their daily social conversations and the Knowledge Centers that we are releasing today are an important step forward.

We are also confident that this new release will satisfy our customers that understand the importance of user experience. We have streamlined the design of a few critical components (like the community header) and made the community creation process even simpler while delivering new features.

Our objective is to keep adding valuable features without adding any extra level of complexity to the user experience; both from the administrator´s and the end user´s stand point.

Knowledge Centers

A Knowledge Center is a specific community template to support intensive loads of documents and links sharing.
Hashtags are a great way to structure information. They are fast and flexible. For some matters they are not enough in a corporate context. In many scenarios the information people share, needs to be recorded in a more structured way.

Knowledge Centers are a solution to encourage knowledge capturing without compromising the social approach that ensures information is shared in a fresh, simple and engaging way.

Formal tagging can be mandatory or not. In both cases it dramatically facilitates later retrieval of information. Its microblog is exclusively focused on sharing and therefore all other options (i.e. polls, praises, etc. have been removed).

Beezy Knowledge Center

Knowledge Centers capture all the information shared with external links, bringing the metadata to your corporate database and store it in specific sections (documents, videos, links, etc) that are easy to filter and connected to social conversations.

Knowledge Center owners can select the relevant metadata among the various term sets available in SharePoint allowing them to reuse existing metadata.


Beezy Knowledge Center

Important update! You can read more about the Knowledge Centers in our dedicated website section.


Community Headers

We have revamped the design of our communities’ header in order to make them more attractive and flexible. Community owners can now choose among four different combinations to decide the branding of their collaboration site.


Beezy Community Headers

If your communities do not need any branding, you get a simpler header that optimizes screen real estate and lets users focus on content first. This is the default behavior and suitable for projects or team oriented communities.

If owners need to convey more information about the content of the community they can use a logo that will be shown in the header.

If the community owners need to go even further in the branding of their communities they can use image banners (with or without picture) in order to support their message.

Beezy Bot

Now this is cool! We have released the first version of our automated agent that helps employees collaborate in a more effective and informed way.

Let us introduce you the BeezyBot.

Introducing the Beezy Bot

Powered by SharePoint’s Workflows (or Nintex if you have it) this agent is capable of understanding any SharePoint activity and executing a set of business rules in Beezy. Empowering you to decide the rules.

Let’s take an example. Imagine you want to create a Beezy community every time you sign a new project. You can tell the Beezy Bot to automatically create a community, assign the right people to it and even set up a predefined folders structure to store the shared documents.

Amazing right? This feature opens a world of possibilities and we are very excited to discover how our clients will use it in very creative ways.

Activity options simplified

This new version adds an important element to the design of the user interface that will reduce visual noise and deliver a more focused experience.

The activity options for Comment, Like, Bookmark, Share and Delete are shown in a more minimalistic way. Comments and Like are always available and all other options are collapsed under a click in the … icon.

Beezy activity options

This change in the user interface also enabled us to bookmark items from the Beezy homepage. This scalable design will help us deliver new features in the future without compromising our minimalistic user interface.


For more information about the new features in Beezy please contact us at or visit our dedicated blog posts

You can request a demo today to see these amazing features in action on both SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

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