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    2022 Workplace trends & insights report: Building a hybrid future that works for everyone.

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    Industry analysts say Beezy’s an intranet leader, but what does that mean for you?

    Mike Hicks

    February 15, 2022

    Here at Beezy, we’re pretty proud of our product. From the start, we designed our digital workplace solution with the end user in mind  

    So, it’s a great feeling to have our work recognized in three leading industry analyst reports.

    ClearBox, IDC and Lecko have all been investigating and testing the various solutions in the digital workplace space. Their reports serve as guides to the best products on the market. One thing you’ll notice across these reports is that not every vendor shows up in each report, but Beezy does, and we think this says a lot about our product and its capabilities.  

    Here's a rundown of the key takeaways and what it all means for you: 


    ClearBox gave Beezy high scores across the board 


    ClearBox is an independent consultancy that specializes in the business challenges of the digital workplace: Intranet strategy, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, employee adoption, governance and effective communication. ClearBox’s highly anticipated report promises a genuine, unbiased examination of currently available intranet products and platforms. The reports, published annually since 2016, assess vendors against common business challenges and offer a handy marks-out-of-five scoring system.

    Here's how ClearBox summed up Beezy:

    "Beezy stands out with powerful content editing, rich social collaboration, and a framework for digital workplace integration."


    Beezy’s attractive UX impressed – especially in News

    What that means for you: An intuitive user experience that doesn’t need training 


    The report notes that “social and community features are a core strength,” praising Beezy’s modern, easy-to-use interface.

    Beezy’s News feature was a highlight due to the ease of setting up channels and how the feature gives users the ability to attach specific audiences to specific channels, while still allowing users to subscribe to other channels they might be interested in if they want to. 

    Overall, the report concluded that Beezy Newsfeeds have a look and feel “similar to other modern publishing environments such as Medium or LinkedIn articles” and offer a rich text editor “with powerful features to embed and reshape various types of content.”


    Our Stories feature was also a hit 

    What that means for you: A compelling way to share your company news so everyone’s engaged 

    The team was particularly impressed with Beezy Stories, which they feel provides “one of the best content editing experiences currently available.”  

    We developed Stories to allow users to diversify their communication with engaging, social media-like tools. In other words, we wanted Beezy users to be able to enjoy the same features they already love to use in their personal lives.  

    Video Stories, which let users quickly share video content were also praised for “recognizing the importance of video communication in today’s world.” It’s true – we built Video Stories after being inspired by the way platforms like Instagram have turned digital storytelling into a real art form. 

    In general, the report notes that “there are many areas where the product goes well beyond the standard user interface and adds its own UX elements.”  


    Beezy helps organizations maximize their Microsoft investments 

    What that means for you: A way to get more from the Microsoft tools you rely on 

    Helping users to get more out of their existing Microsoft investments has always been a core motivation of ours, so it’s great to see ClearBox scored Beezy 4.5/5 for Microsoft integration.  

    “Given that Beezy is based on SharePoint, there's a strong integration with the SharePoint functionality. Any content stored in SharePoint libraries can easily be surfaced within the Beezy environment, and Beezy news items can be integrated with standard communication sites.”


    IDC also have Beezy firmly in their ‘Leaders’ category  


    IDC’s mission is to change the way the world thinks about the impact of business on society and this report rigorously assesses the top intranet and digital workplace providers. This year, IDC looked at solutions that reflected the changing needs of modern workforces. We were up against a tough bunch of vendors and we're proud to be named a leader.

    “As organizations define and put into practice their ideal workplace cultures, creating moments of delight and inspiration will signal the next phase of business priority. Face-to-face interactions will be additive communication channels instead of primary."

    The report went on to say that "the organizations that embrace a collaborative and transparent working culture that leverages the intelligent digital workplace as the center of the employee experience and connect it to the external user portal for authenticated digital experiences will be better positioned to accelerate transformation initiatives and improve efficiencies as we settle into hybrid working models.”

    IDC 2021 MarketScape

    IDC highlighted Beezy’s ease of use as a major plus in terms of employee experience and benefit to end users. The customers they interviewed “noted the intuitiveness of the platform and its mobile app.” Overall, IDC positioned Beezy in their ‘Leaders’ category, the highest possible category for vendors considered in the report.

    “Beezy provides a digital destination for employees to create, find, and engage with all the information, apps, and tools the company needs and uses — all in one streamlined professional environment, which is 100% native to Microsoft.”

    Our team-building features also got a top nod  

    What that means for you: A(nother) way to support a positive company culture 

    Anyone who knows Beezy knows we’re all about community, something IDC were keen to highlight. They praised Beezy’s “socialized nature” for allowing users to find what they’re looking for by connecting with other users. In practice, Beezy’s interactive features like comments and tags open the door for rewarding two-way communication between staff of all levels. Plus, it’s much more fun than turning to a search engine.  

    Positive comments on Beezy’s intuitive nature even extended to our administrative tools. The report points out that “Beezy provides templates and workflows for global and local branding of sub-microsites” and a “hub-and-spoke model allows for bidirectional rules and roles for delegated administrative control to global, regional, and local levels.”


    Lecko was wowed by Beezy’s streamlined platform and frequent updates  

    French research firm Lecko are all about accelerating organizational transformation by providing advice and online services to modern organizations, who are increasingly reliant on their tech partners for success.

    Lecko celebrated Beezy’s relationship with Appspace for not only expanding Beezy’s presence in France, but also furthering Beezy’s goal of offering users a “social and communications portal that gives access to content from SharePoint, without requiring the user to log into a Microsoft 365 account.” 

    Lecko 02

    Download the Lecko Report edition 2022 (report in French).

    Beezy was praised for flexibility, integrations, and connecting the physical and digital workplace 

    What that means for you: A more unified workplace experience

    Lecko noted that Beezy is conveniently structurally close to SharePoint, while also offering “a unique newsfeed experience that differs from the traditional intranet communication approach.” 

    “Beezy offers a complete, highly configurable environment. The user can configure information feeds from their work applications including Workday, ServiceNow, and Salesforce, among others.”

    Lecko was also impressed with Beezy’s ambitious plans for further updates. “In the next few months, Beezy will continue its growth by transforming more business processes with intelligent workflows, integrated into the platform’s newsfeed.”

    “The goal is to include all of a company’s teams, including groups of employees who aren’t connected, such as frontline workers. Physical equipment like touchscreens, shared kiosks, or even simpler usage of mobile devices will help reshape the relationship between corporate offices and workers on the ground.”

    Our philosophy has always been that connecting the shop floor to the top floor will ensure safe conditions for all members of an organization’s workforce and avoid siloed working or a build-up of resentment. Essentially, the more connected your staff are, the better able they are to support each other – personally and professionally.


    Beezy’s social approach to information (and Beezy Stories) also got a nod.  

    What that means for you: A compelling way to create and share company news. 

    Beezy was praised for continuing to add even capabilities, like Beezy Stories which “strikes a balance between top-down collaboration and information sharing, and content generated by users.” This engaging approach to corporate communications was praised for reflecting popular mainstream platforms, such as LinkedIn. 

    We’re extremely proud that Lecko scored Beezy as a top performing communication portal. This was partly due to Beezy’s ease of use. “[Users] can take action on their digital workplace to confirm items or chat with their colleagues...As such, users can complete all of their tasks (gather information, chat, take next steps) in Beezy.”  

    But why take their word for it? See for yourself what Beezy can do. Schedule a demo today.



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